Will George Poet

The Sea, the eternal sea, waits!

Time flows in waves washing;

The constant flow of both mingle;

Overlapping and intertwining.



Perseid's Splendour
Old God, New Faith
This is New Life
The Blessings
A Seaside Walk
Look upon the sky!

Meteorites like messengers flee across the heavens. In 1993, the Perseid shower fell for days as the Earth moved through its natural orbit of the Sun.  A clear night in August engulfed the heavens with shooting stars!

God, a universal entity, beyond description, leaves us to the choice of free will. The pathway through life is determined by our own decision. The words of Jesus Christ changed our understanding, expanded our interpretation of what life encompasses.

A cemetery is a quiet place, often silent. Here those who are interred may be remembered for they have passed through one doorway and have been reborn.

Ten blessings for the many who each have individual and collective need.

Wind and Sea impact upon the soul. The power of the elements dwarfs the inner mind, offers confidence in the hand that helps to direct the spirit.

Thrones- the nearest to God.
Cherubims- Free spirits sing in voice and with the incandescence colours of light.
Seraphim - Four Winged. Their glory and means of terror hidden by one pair, the other provides speed and mobility.
Dominions- Guardians, whose watch is everlasting, diminish the greatest by their scowl.
Princedoms - Fly between each heavenly and earthly level carrying benevolence.
The Powers- contain and share the strength necessary to overcome evil.
The Virtues- Guardians to humanity, constantly survey and shadow their charge.
Archangels- Messengers, share the news and opportunities for humanity.
Angels- those nearest to Man., see all, take note and on occasion intervene.
Patriarchs- Those who have the insight, reach forward, feel despair, seek enlightenment.
Prophets- hear and listen, cry out, wishing to make an impression.
Saints- Judaic-Hebrew or Christian, have found and understood the place of God within humanity, and have strove to bring both nearer.
Martyrs- those who have paid a physical cost to become more in the interpretation and value of the purpose of living a physical life.

Will george - POET

Perseid's Splendour

Old God, New faith

This is New Life

The Blessings

A Seaside Walk

Look upon the sky!