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A Fear of Global Warming Armageddon The First Barrel

Global Warming is a reality. There are many theories, disputed by scientists, as to the cause. Add to this the resistance, or ineptness of politicians and governments to take responsibility and tackle the problem and life on Earth will be compromised. Human suffering has been ignored throughout history, the value of one life often being very small. The loss of wealth and power has been the driving force that has changed history most often, mostly for the benefit of a select few.
This story captures another theory that identifies the reason for Global Warming. The protagonist, Michael Francis, a Geophysicist, works his way through the political and the social responsibilities that fall to hinder, or assist him, in delivering his message. The consumption of oil and other carbon based fuels have been the focus for contention for several hundred years. These fossil fuels will remain at the forefront in the battle for and against Global Warming as experienced in the worst natural catastrophe to hit the United States and  in particular that claimed the highest number of lives. Those who were warned ignored the data and the advice until it was too late. Yet, this country was not alone in suffering. Chile, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom become the first to atone for ignoring the signs and responding to the whim of Mother Nature.
Hero or heroine! There are some who fit that category. You will decide. Politics, Power and Corruption go hand in hand. There is always a Machiavelli to direct and dictate the path that many lives follow. They have different names, but the flawed characters always follow the same belief, in their own godliness. Our protagonist is helped in overcoming the threat and adversity of assassins, and finding a satisfaction in developing relationships that turn out unexpectedly.
Every major economy will be faced with choices. The industrial West, including the United States, Great Britain, and Europe will all face a significant challenge. Countries that are exposed to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will be at a greater risk. Italy, built on so many tectonic plate faults, is subject to major catastrophe on a daily basis regularly, so much so that it has the Papacy expressing their concern.
Weather patterns are impacted by more than the Carbon cycle. When will realisation come that death of the many and the loss of infrastructure are the result?
What action will be taken? Where will time take our hero? It is a challenging journey.
Will George


A Fear Of Global Warming Armageddon

The First Barrel

Official Launch

January 13th 2018








An extract from the book, 'A Fear Of Global Warming Armageddon - The First Barrel showing the structure of the Earth's layers. The concept of Will George, Author.

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Global Warming Unleashed.