Stronger! Higher! Faster!

An incredible dream,

or is it a prophecy?

Would it have been Jacob’s ladder?

To whom or what will we climb?


Ideals set the goals

for standards that should apply

to all aspects of life.

Including, not excluding, sport

both amateur and professional.


Nations may be pitted against each other,

on the game field or in the arena.

The best of their youth

given an opportunity to excel,

to be recognized for themselves.


Many hours are dedicated

to achieve the highest goal.

Is it the reward of gold,

or is it the knowledge

of being able to be ones best

that drives the effort.


Know it by these truths,

‘All men are born equal!’

Yet food, clothing, shelter and education

form the base upon which development

is to be determined.


Who will make the choice

of those who are most worthy,

representatives of a will

committed to extend their selves,

true ambassadors interested in other glory?


The largest nations may provide leadership

if in their advancement

they have shown insight and understanding.

The host in giving invitation

must provide all the required amenities!


What spirit binds the event?

Sincerity and friendship are best mates,

each recognized and applauded.

Other motives are soon identified

and fall incomplete and unsatisfied.


Ceremony is the dressing.

It is a part of that greater thought,

where pomp and circumstance

display the loyalty and commitment

to focus on those truths now sought.


The dream remains aloof,

at the periphery of the mind;

A reality incandescent

awaiting the moment to be absorbed,

ignited by the effort to be realized.


Who will gain the point or give that lead

to open up the doorway and proceed

to attain the gift and to achieve

satisfaction in the completion

of each action and event.


The Olympiad is the period of preparation.

Individuals bring their skill to the peak,

competing against their opponent.

But, also competing against themselves,

balancing their prime and their desire.


Four years: Almost inter-generational.

The sixteen and the twenty year old,

more common than the twenty and twenty four year old,

or even those older, more mature

competitors who have performed before.


Will the physically developed be equal,

lesser or greater than the elder?

Who will be most prominent?

Is it he or she who has already been  passed,

but clings to the winners ideology?


Wilt these athletes, sportsmen, sportswomen,

take the initiative and provide influence

to the politic, or the advertiser,

for those they give endorsement

that may not fit as a suitable profile

for other than profit?


Imagine the loss of revenue of the spirited,

public of course, who have given support,

by way of equipment, or product,

or more blatantly pure cash

to assist in the enhancement of image.


Sponsorship does not recognize John or Jane Doe!

There are few who give out of generosity.

Business will support the winning combination.

Not every one is a winner:

A company will not be content with second best!


We come to the Twenty Sixth, Centennial Olympics,

in anticipation of the Twenty Seventh.

Ironically at the dawn of a new century;

A new millennium about to begin,

offering what noble development?


Stronger! Higher! Faster!

Daily the priority changes.

Are the rewards equal to or greater

to the collective recognition

of pride and self gratification?


How many people? How many Nations

will participate in the spectacle?

The media coverage centered on the announcer.

Also on the Network most prominent

directing attention to its own celebrity.


What temporary decoration will be discarded?

Who shall benefit by economic growth?

Is it only the money that will remain,

the symbol of something intended to do good?

Will the athletes be the only ones to receive reward?


Brotherhood is not about violence!

Likewise Sisterhood offers some other advance.

Can the excess of armament be displaced

by this competition of artistic grace?

What motivation will be best served?


Peace is a principle adopted to avert militantism!

It is valid only if policed.

Security was once safety of person,

of mind and of assets.

Now it is the prevention of outlandish action.


How many countries are now recognized

and how many participate in the event?

This presents a question of Olympic proportion.

What of those who are dissident?

No invitation invites the gate crasher!


Each country cheers its own competitors.

National pride is promoted.

Crowds roar ecstatically when ahead,

to encourage their representatives.

Some will jeer if they are penalized.


There are several tiers of elimination!

There are tears of disappointment and illumination.

Favourites, or those favoured by their supporters,

may not progress to the expected end.

Is the momentum gained now lost?


The final event in every category

should contain the most promising;

the most sports minded who has striven

to attain the proffered prize

of the coveted laurel crown.


Gold, Silver and Bronze!

Symbols of rarity, the first originally pure.

Now a crystal plated with a metal layer,

likewise Silver a similar composite,

with Bronze a blended character.


The standards applied in the elimination

of the weak, the weary, or unprepared,

set the field chosen for battle!

The goal lies afar off,

sometimes a little beyond grasp, awaiting!


Who will take hold of the dream?

There are many who are sacrificed.

Let them set the example

to be a combined army of people,

willing to lead and be one Nation universally!


Will George © July 1996


The Olympiad

The Olympics is a competition. It demands the best from those who participate. Those who make the dream a reality have the means to help others, to become leaders who might bring their resolution to the many. The act of participating may be as rewarding as the winning. The values of those who pursue the path of the Olympiad may truly be a motive force that can place humanity in a better place.

Will George Poet