Will George Poet

The Sea, the eternal sea, waits!

Time flows in waves washing;

The constant flow of both mingle;

Overlapping and intertwining.


Will george - POET


Daily events are determined and influenced by individual action, or inaction. The challenge of life is to go beyond the repetitiveness of existence. Progress and growth are a necessity to survival. Why stand by and let life merely pass, why not participate?.

Amadeus Mozart, great genius, sought parental love and recognition. His abilities always questioned, criticised, left him unfulfilled. His music, magnificent, touched and inspired, inspires still, the many, who could not appreciate the pain of its creation. Often, those who could bring strength and support to the geniuses of the world bring less and fail to achieve the advancement of individuals and themselves.

A Higher Plain.

A Higher Plain

So ride the Horses of the Apocalypse. No messengers from God or Heaven, but those who by their greed destroy the paradise that is the Earth, who by their action and inaction are responsible for death not life.




Each soul has the opportunity to be alive. Those who show the initiative contribute greatly; give to humanity more than they take from it.


Death! The final journey. How is it reached, how is it taken?





The inner self attempts to remind us of what is important.