In Memoriam

Scroll of Honour

The role expressed in the Art,

the actor or actress who plays a part;

It is the performer who brings character,

On stage or screen to reflect the depth of humanity.

Thoughts; feelings; injuries; rewards;

downfalls and successes,

Displayed with emotion.

Love; Hate; Joy; Sadness,

In triumph and defeat.

The consummate accomplishment,

Delivered and believed,

by the waiting audience,

Searching, expecting to be fulfilled,

By the hero, heroine, or villain and villainess.

The message delivered by the masterful,

supported by the many, dramatic and technical,

to ensure an awakening, never to be forgotten.

Let those mortal souls be touched by those magicians,

Intent, for those on the stage,

those players cast,

that they too be remembered.

There are many who contribute,

to bring life and expression

to words written that encapsulate life.

Reality and fact daily recorded, exhibited.

Fiction interpreted, displayed as entertainment.

The masses carried into that fantasy;

Depicted in the Art Form, now historic.

Great Writers; Directors; Producers;

Cameramen and others,

by choice help to tell the story.

Each man and woman with responsibility

to express themselves, make a contribution.

They in time, pass; All have an end,

But, their works are forever relived.

Every day they touch the lives of those who follow.

Some are larger than life.

Giants in their medium.

Yet not one can stand alone.

Some will question the quality,

the soundness of the display.

Reward is given in recognition;

The Oscar; The Academy Award.

For these, the epitome of peer selection.

Those so recognised are indebted

to the skill and industry of their counterparts.

Remember then, the work, the faces,

the hands that built that which is iconic.

In Memoriam, in perpetuity they remain,

Upon that annual Scroll of Honour.

Will George

© Oct. 11th2016

Will George Poet

The Oscars - The Academy Awards- remember those who have died in the film year. There are many roles filled to provide that on-screen performance. It is fitting to record the many whose contribution is perpetual.