It is not that God is new;

But that we are awakened

In our understanding of His love.

He shares with us in His presence

Through the bond of His Holy Spirit.

We may open our minds to the wonder

Of all things in Creation;

Whereas we perceive knowledge;

We, as children, learn slowly;

Mistrusting until we experience

Success or failure in our accomplishment.

Pain is rejected after the hurt;

Suffering endured for brief moments

While we search and seek redemption.

Our sacrifice has been made;

In God's grace in the body

Of His Son, Jesus Christ.


His life was given for us;

A lesson to be shared

To save our sorrows, our trials.

Our duty; And Duty it is,

To comprehend the gift offered;

Freely to accept; To reciprocate.

We may ignore our invitation;

To party without limitation

On terms we control; our concept.

Where will we be led?

Without compassion; a clear vision;

To lift up those without our care.

Then our time shall be shortened;

We struggle to outrun

The fate left to our ignorance.

There are two realms and many steps;

That lead in opposition;

We follow at our peril!


When must a decision be made?

Prompted how often?

Until reality equates realization!

Mind alongside matter for whom?

Does belief belie indifference

Until time is expired?

What then to our elevation?

Descending in depths earthen depression

Encased in a limited kingdom.

Action must come before;

A conscious effort to renew;

Accept a changed environment.

We may wait; delay the outcome;

For boldness requires something!

Commitment of resource with immediacy;

Today is the place to say;

Meaning given;

"To forgive me:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit."


1993 © Will George.


Will George Poet