A Best Friend.

A boy searches for a friend;

One to play and run,

Loyal and attentive!

Not human, but keen

of sense, with ability.

Stubborn sometimes,

Wilful often, unsure,

seeking response,

care and instruction.

The puppy grows,

sharing experiences,


faces challenges!

Races and paces,

chases and waits


for encouragement.

Both, boy and dog mature,

senses keened by interaction

with each other,

with family;

a place is earned, having respect.

A good nature is to be appreciated.

Children become a part of the reality.

Years pass, old age creeps up,

frailty is a natural event.

Walks, a means of escape and action,

slow down, for all.

Playtime takes on a different meaning.

There is a bond,

feelings interact.

Master and Mutt,

Friend and companion,

one of the most important.

To some, it is a question.

Human and animal,

growth in a common environment,


The loss of one has an impact,

leaves a space within daily life.

It is acceptable to miss and grieve,

where there is an emptiness.

Goodbye dear friend.


You will be remembered.

Will George © 15 Oct 2017

Will George Poet


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