My Lady, what a morning.

My Lord, it is the day.

     Bright and bustling moments,

     Hopes and dreams we pray.

     Bring us both together

     To share with those we love.

     Binding each forever,

     Before the One above.


My Lady, clothed in splendour.

     For only she, the Bride,

     Reflects the mystic magic,

     The glorious day's sunrise.

My Lord, the watchful,

     For him, the eager groom,

     Prepared from early dawning,

     To join with her so soon.


My Lord, hold with patience

     The yearning of the heart.

     Beneath the sacred blanket,

     Before the altar part.

My Lady, in anticipation,

     Recite the vows so dear,

     An equal response is given,

     A pledge of meaning clear.


My Lady, the evening draws,

     With friends and families close.

     A celebration to remember,

     To prepare and keep your toast.

My Lord, a partnership is founded,

     With both of you in mind.

     The strength of family pillars

     In best wishes entwined.


My Lady, yours is the day.

My Lord, it is the gift.

     Where true love is well founded,

     To grant each other's wish.

     Plan your future daily,

     Together share your thoughts.

     Let time stand by your side,

     And reap God's great rewards.


1992 © Will George.


Will George Poet