Twenty years in the soup!

No flies!

Who says?

I won't visit this restaurant again.

What next?

Have you been prompted?

Anniversaries, they come to us all.

How many times have you let them pass?

Birthdays; weddings; divorces; deaths;


A time for reflection;

Not to moan or groan.


We celebrate sometimes, but not always.

How would you look back?

How will you look forward?

We age gracefully until which year, Twenty One? Thirty Nine?

We don't tell!

Do we remember our Wedding Day?

A time of sharing; vows; friendship or animosity!

A Church for some; a Priest; a Cleric;

A Judge; a Court; a Home for others.

Which is important?

Is each year marked?


What if you did not make it past a milestone?


Marriage or Institution!

People; a man; a woman.



Compromise at the beginning;

It never ends!

Grow; Look for understanding.

What if you don't talk?

To each other.

Listening is important; being quiet; equally so!

Strength bends to weakness;

Breaks if it does not!


Is this part of the original idea?

A mate, a companion, someone to build with.

A relationship of trust, a reference of love;

Silence closes doors;

Limits horizons; darkens dreams.

There must be discussion, not just conversation!


Each year that passes provides opportunity.

There is a time of novation;

It takes courage

To put the past behind; to bring the future

To the present!

Anniversaries that is the question.

Will we use them for review?


Another day; a part of another year.

Let us stop and consider;

Do we wish to continue?

We control little of our lives.

We may need to know, "How much?"

There is a time for maturity.

Remember the next!



1993 © Will George.

Will George Poet