Will George Poet




I sit, I watch, I listen!

Soft tones wrap around,

the air pulses gently.

The music of the voice complete,

causes heart and mind to reel,

to respond to sensation and sensuality.


The repertoire, varied and extensive,

stretches mind and thought in response,

to the question posed and answered,

by the lyrical flow.

Waves undulate, rise and fall,

musical notes dance leaving footsteps, or kisses.


The professional, trained voice,

accomplishes its goal,

reaches outward and touches the audience.

The body poised,

captures the dramatic,

subtle intonation of feeling and expression.


Flaming hair, a magenta crown,

flashes, swirls with each articulation.

Eyes sparkle, flare like flames,

dance in rhythmic chords.

The artist draws her picture,

colours the event and occupies the evening air.


The language of the gods

sprightly trips from her tongue.

Wales is identified by her diction;

Depth of feeling flows like the Severn.

Ripples form crescendos,

break upon expectant and waiting shores.


No composer is left untouched;

No character overlooked.

Stage, television and radio

within her purview.

Each facet tuned and toned to its optimum.

Sensitivity carries itself

to those who await her artistic touch..


In face of adversity, her spirit rises,

rants against every challenge.

Personal experiences are balanced,

given their weight.

Positivity is carried in her smile,

her laughter and her giggles.


How deep her touch upon the memory.

Reflection returns that sense of personalisation.

Empathy and sympathy encourage the listener,

To sit, to watch, to listen.

A Heroine!

Shân Cothi!


Will George © April  2009