Hustle, bustle, sparkle and glitter!

Conversation, interchange and exchange.

Communities, neighbours, friends and visitors,

Primed, prancing, patient and prompted.


Music, the catalyst, the crux!

Educational, personal and introspective.

Tittering, and tattering, words flowing,

Thoughts and feelings intense resound.


Audiences the lifeblood of performance,

Demand enlightenment and satisfaction.

Entertainment, entwined, developed,

Absorb and encourage the penultimate.


Voices find shelter, sustenance and substance.

Food for thought, sense and purpose,

Food of love, capture mind and hearts.

Success is the response achieved.


Single voices combine and meld in balance.

Choirs, chorales, condense all sensations.

Souls are stirred, the spirit set afire.

Robust, rousing and sentimental; stir all.


Soloists reflect personal and intense interpretation.

Harmonies pluck at visible and invisible strings;

Each note, each cadence, strikes and marks,

Questions asked, searches fulfilled, satisfy individual thirst.


Will George © April 18, 2009


Dedicated to Tredegar Orpheus Male Choir on their Centenary Celebration.

Will George Poet