The Call to Serve.



The King is dead! Long live the Queen!

This duty regal sets the scene.

Trumpets echo their clarion call,

Thoughts of sorrow, rise and fall;

Without from towers high they sound,

Within the call to duty bound.



What heritage has gone before;

A primal link to long ago.

Who set this stage before the lights,

To raise upon a lonely height;

To play a part in primacy,

A daughter of nobility.





                       The First Queen.


On what ancient sea side shore;

Challenged now to give much more,

To defend a kingdom vowed,

A leader called by people proud;

Stood strong spirited Boadicea?

In faith within, without fear.



Her Royal blood to all is bound;

In courage and in purpose sound.

In noble deeds she is joined,

To bring together all her kind.

A battle loud cry climbs the sky;

A banner swirls, raised up high.



To victory a compliment;

Against the foe a challenge sent.

United in the race that's done;

A Nation bound itself as one;

To lay the fabric firm and strong,

In history set, a record long.


                       The Virgin Queen.


England's glory has been raised;

In triumph through a thousand days.

The first Elizabeth is praised,

In leading progress over seas.

The sails of ships bare aloft,

Her pennant, over oceans crossed.



There are many tribulations;

Trials and journeys of fortune.

Adventures sponsored for the swift;

A golden hour long sweeping faith.

Loyalty touched by hearts stout,

Rewards of duty, given out.



Love coached for opportunity.

Malice and intrigue in impunity.

Defender of the Realm, to rule;

Challenged daily for the Jewel;

Strong in heart and firm in mind,

A mark is made, Her word to bind.



Two score and five years are given;

Called to do a Nation's bidding.

What cost is borne, the crown'd head,

The sceptre and the sword which bled?

A path to walk in loneliness,

A Princess set as "Good Queen Bess."



A legacy of literature;

A refining of art grandeur;

Much is given to her success,

As voices rose in prayer, "God Bless!"

A regal role well played in life,

A child brought forth by Henry, the Eighth.




                         Semper Eadem.



The pages of history turned,

With many Crowns fought and earned;

Until the balance brought about,

A child in conscience grown devout;

Aquarius beneath was born,

When Semper Eadem crowned that morn!



In service to follow,

A path, of counsel, from Marlborough.

To stand in Victory, His sign,

Commemorated at Blenheim.

A peace of Empire is sought,

Battled abroad; At home action fraught.



Anne, by Union, a northern act;

Secured agreement. A Pact.

Two kingdoms brought to one accord;

A role of Kirk and English lord.

Her love of people to draw forth;

A welcome given Her Scottish host.



Through years she bore Her Royal pain;

A child to follow Her in reign.

Her seventh, in Gloucester, a son;

Before and after, there were none.

She struggled onward valiantly;

Her spirit commend Her daily!



To those around Her came the call,

To lift a people's pride withal;

In policy to bring about,

A stronger faith in one devout.

Her charge left in Hanover's name,

At last Her word, always the same.



                      Britannia Victoria!


A blossom in May's gusty morn;

A strong cry to the early dawn;

At Kensington the child was born;

A Palace soon to be called home.

Baptized as Alexandrina;

Victoria, hence in short, Drina.



William the IVth. has passed along!

The message brought by Conyngham;

Taken to Her in the early hours,

Her hand extended, held in power.

Resolved in goodwill, what is right;

To do Her duty, vowed that night.



Victoria, named by Her command,

Proclaimed as Sovereign through the land.

Lord Melbourne came before the Queen,

Her Minister and mentor deemed;

His counsel given for many years,

Upheld in strength, shared in tears.



A Consort Royal she chose!

Albert, to Him, the question she propose.

A mutual love was shared by both;

Secured when they sealed their troth.

Daily they grew in each other's role;

Bound together, spirit and soul.



A family of nine they raised;

Away from Buckingham they played.

At Balmoral, a Highland home;

On island sea side shore, Osborne;

Windsor, where long before, many stayed;

Children matured and adult made.



It was still December; Alone!

When death claimed those so near the throne.

Tested Europe, in turmoil turned;

As Houses rose and boundaries changed.

Consolidation of kingdoms came,

When Imperatrix joined the name.



A time of mourning expressed;

Parliament and Parties pressed;

A Jubilee resolved the past,

With vigour raised the people's toast;

A welcome warmth greeted Her coach,

A cloud uplifted, from Her remorse.



A crowning glory interposed,

A fabric rich of family sowed;

Children shared through Nations proud,

With parent's strength and love endowed;

Carried forward in many  years;

Britannia regaled by people's tears.




                      The People's Queen!



The time arrived, the duty set;

A choice uncared for to be met;

In preparation, to  be given;

A journey, from a distance bidden.

The price of grief is put aside,

For good King George the Sixth had died.



A Princess Royal to Ascend;

To Britain's highest office tend;

To bring together many years,

In practice now the time to serve;

Elizabeth, the chosen name,

The Second, titled to the Throne.



A stalwart personality;

Enroled in Her Feudal Duty.

A sense of Her self sacrifice,

Reflective of Her early life;

To stand with purpose and finesse;

To conquer, as is Everest.


A Father's child; A child no more!

Accepts the office and the role;

The keeper of a Nation's pride,

A Kingdom and Dominion's guide.

A celebration for this Host,

From sea to sea and coast to coast.



An open book may be read!

Reflects the daily ritual shared;

Of how a family will grow,

In time of Joy, Love, Deep sorrow.

A baby's presence is adored,

The loss of family abhorred.



For such as Her Majesty;

A place must earn in history.

Her Realm is toured openly;

She walks and touches Royally;

Shares in trials with common folk,

Party and feast, events of note.



A Counsellor, unpolitic;

To Premiers She does not predict.

Her role as confidante is set;

To guide, to temper, as they direct.

A concern is held for the rights;

To balance progress set within sight.



Respect commanded with loyalty;

Admired at arm's length to be;

A focus of affection spread,

A shield of pride put out ahead;

For there are none today who shall not say..

Once more this day...

"Long Live Our Queen!"



1993 © Will George.



Will George Poet