Historical Tragedy!


Annus Horibilis! A horrible year!

A time of tragedy, of painful events.

To what disposition shall we dispense,

The experience and its cupful of cheer!


"Half full or half empty?" How do we perceive?

A loss of possession for which we may grieve!

New structures can replace fallen walls;

New bodies will not replace lost souls!


We stood and we watched as flames flew high;

The reflection, a reflection within our mind's eye.

We may wait a moment and wonder, Why?

If our monuments are the idols that die?


Vaulted walls with carving and relief,

Lack feelings of remorse, the pain and the grief!

Yet a part of us; and especially One,

Might for an instant feel all that's forgone!


The lives lived, experienced and shared;

Dreams granted, challenges dared!

Ideals given substance and form,

By the living who came to St. George's Hall!





We are reminded, we the people at large,

God gave us the chance to follow a path;

To establish a kingdom, provide with a charge,

A leader, with a footstool, a crown and a staff!


Responsibilities are divided while duty assumed,

To discharge in fullness the maximum care;

The role of the monarch, whose part one shall bear,

Unyielding a facade in whose strength we presumed!


Tears may be evident of love, of joy;

A moment of weakness at time of great sorrow.

Tragic the consequence of yesterday's ploy,

The foundation today of actions tomorrow!


Who shall grieve the faux pas of youth?

Individualism is the basis of growth.

A parent cannot be responsible for their child;

Education and governance end whereupon they decide!



                 Foundations of Relationships!


Partnerships, whether business or marriage, take work!

There is a presumption of a common goal,

But counselling is needed before two embark,

To combine actions to achieve the optimum role!


To the table each individual objectives bring;

Desires, needs and a profile characteristic!

What blend of talents form the missive will?

The foundation upon which to build most optimistic!


To the husband: the duty to take and to hold;

For better, for worse, in sickness and in health;

To pledge a troth, with a ring of gold;

In honour to cherish, to protect, as oneself!


To the wife: the duty to love and obey;

Old fashioned an idea the radical will say!

But the contribution sacrificed by a young maid,

To abide by the actions to which one subscribes!


The plight of a family is a personal thing!

Privacy is a condition which needs to be fulfilled.

There is no right of the intrusive sting,

Of barbs of public outcry by those who are quilled!



                 Privacy and Individual Right!


Freedom, of information, is not a license to hunt;

To tackle a quarry, to anger or maim!

The license extended has been abused for gain;

It is time to recant and bring to account!


To the politic... it is time to correct!

To define and restructure those who are untamed.

The point of the law to reduce the defamed;

To extinguish the improper correspondent reject!


The message of the media is not the medium!

The people are the purpose, not the content;

To subscribe or to direct improper intent,

Is to manipulate expression with tiresome tedium!


How absurd the focus brought through a lens;

Clouded by the bigot whose thoughts do not extend;

To quality and delivery of purpose detailed,

By an image intrusive to all now inveigled!


The time has arrived to give privilege its place;

To the hermit, the celebrity, common man of the state;

To respect the whole person and to eliminate

The production now due to the improper ingrate!


Let this year, now passed, set a new goal;

Where standards to be applied value the role!

To protect the citizen, whose privacy is due;

To a sense of fairness in the public view!


The petty will squabble in their own morass!

Whereupon they fidget as the fidget harassed!

For history has shown excess is surpassed,

When the petty are petty only to embarrass!


1995 © Will George.


Will George Poet