When the dark cometh;

So does My Lord also;

He is the Light which shines

Without need of lamp or fuel.

There is comfort in His presence;

There is warmth in His embrace;

My fear is put aside;

My resolve is strengthened.


The doubts of darkness limit me;

I fear the edge of the precipice;

The boundaries become distant;

Then My Lord shines around me.

I walk; Yet sometimes I crawl, forward;

Trusting; Hesitating, as I wait to see;

My Lord beckons, moving onward;

My faith is put to the test.


There are many forms of darkness;

It is not only the cloud of night;

There is the darkness of despair;

Which weakens the mind and body.

We close the window to the day;

Shuttering ourselves inward;

We create our own environment;

We limit our joy and creativity.


When the dark cometh;

There is time for victory;

Rejoice and reach outward;

And Our Lord will pick you up.

I struggle to see the Light;

The bindings tighten with inaction;

My Lord provides assurance;

He challenges me to follow His path.


Will George © 1993


Will George Poet