Will George Poet

Welsh Impressionism


I left Wales to make an impression,

For Wales had left an impression on me.

The country folk seemed tired

And the days seemed very wrong.

Earning one’s daily bread seemed to be year long.

The cost of being civilized left little to keep one strong.

Most lived in the past and molded by clay

Choke on the coal and the upper class.


Money is the root of all evil,

Nay it is merely the sustenance of the crass.

Morals are not watered and ethics do not last.

Knowledge was the forbidden fruit,

Bought and sold at a price set by the Latin mass.

I left Wales to make an impression,

One that no longer came to pass.

Wales has sent out her sons and daughters,

Tom Jones, Harry Secombe, Burton and Shirley Bassie.

They choose to sing and laugh for the sake of their parts.

Teachers, tradesmen, engineers and some of the professional arts.

Cogs in machinery that ran the engines that trampled

On that segment of those who had no future, whose lives an impasse.


Self government has been granted within the rules established.

The purse strings, the hangman’ rope, keep control of the honest.


© Will George Jan 3/04