To mourn a ‘Princess.’


I am at a loss!

Emotion swells from deep within.

A great price has been paid,

the death of a princess!


Once a young woman

in her prime, in the flower of her youth.

Soon exposed to callous disregard,

maligned and abused.


Who is responsible?

What cruelty has prevailed

to bring such travesty and injustice,

to cause such pain?


The events of life directed

by immoral application.

No one willing to stand up,

no one willing to speak against impertinent actions.


There are two tragedies.

The loss of life,

and the continuance of circumstance

that encourages even further death.


The first will be mourned!

Grief will take its toll.

Friends and relatives will gather

express regret and reminisce.


This is fitting in any event.

No longer can the dead be hurt,

no longer can they feel life’s web

or be thrust along its emotional roller coaster.


Equally great, the lesser tragedy!

There should be an accounting,

the reckoning that demands equilibrium,

and morally removes the insidious threat!


The concept that has been allowed to grow

must be aborted.

The criminal actions veiled in individual rights

no longer should be masked.


This is not an issue that has defence!

No ‘Bill of rights,’ no freedom of speech,

should allow the activities that go unchallenged,

none should give credence to such infection.


It is time to focus on the truth,

the consequence of such irrationality.

It is not acceptable to moral application

to allow the pictorial assassination of any person.


The individual right takes precedence

and where their actions do no harm

should be both personal and private

controlled only by themselves.


No media, no reporter, no recorder,

no journalist, no photographer should be absolved

or given power so absolute

to taint and destroy any one individual.


Public relationship is not publicity!

Let those who require such contact transact

by contract with the parties who desire

to use such service and share their right.


Take away the free theft of image

and of action in unsupported context.

Penalise those who persist,

remove them from the audience.


There has to be a time of rebirth.

People need to be able to grow,

to dream, to reach out for their aspirations,

for this the pettiness needs to be dismissed.


I mourn for ‘The Princess of Wales.’

Likewise for those also touched

by circumstance so perilous,

who are robbed and unprotected.


I make one call for a code of ethic,

to be enshrined in every sovereign bill of rights,

to remove the tools of torment so far used

and to cast those purveyors to their own doom.


August 31st., 1997 © Will George


Will George Poet