To R, the thief of burlhalt.


You are a thief, R, a petty thief!

Valuables have not been your target;

neither gold or silver, nor jewels have you taken.

You are petty, in a sense malicious,

lacking in the ability to appraise things of worth.

There are many with whom you have made contact,

socially, through occupation, event and association.

Prayer has not been one of your fortes,

yet you have chosen and taken many prey.

Which is the greater blemish, “Thy shalt not steal;”

and for which should be the greater punishment?

Relationships have been adulterated;

those items stolen exceed monetary value.

Trust is the first wall to be breached!

How does it crumble when it surrounds a wife?

Yours is the primary support which need only be broken once.

Things will never be the same even if your crime is known,

even if you have pleaded for forgiveness.

There are no rewards without a price!

friendship, the closeness of good fellows,

workmates and family inmates, “beyond which you have been intimate.”

These are the second wall and the foundation

of many long term considerations for which you are forsaken.

Innocence! This word cries out only for the innocent!

“Videre non partes quin ludes!”

How many times have you turned your head away?

Do you look past those eyes that are mirrors of reflection?

Your friends will one day turn to be your enemy

and from which you can no longer turn.

There will be little or no admiration left to give you acclaim!

Remember that you have condemned yourself;

crimes of passion, stolen goods are solely your responsibility

and you will have to face your loss of face,

for you are a thief, R, a pitiful thief.


Dec. 4th. 1996 © Will George


Will George Poet