The Proud Grandparent


Excitement flows freely and causes a buzz!

The pictures quickly shared of a newly born babe.

Girl or boy, does not dampen enthusiasm;

Both are the succour to the ageing parent of the parents.


A Mother, a child, a girl, a young woman,

Has grown and given growth to a new life.

Creation is the most wondrous of God’s miracles.

The touch on the emotions crosses all age groups.

Most give praise and adoration in affectionate love.


Hair short, thick, curly, dark. Draws comment.

Comparisons are made of physical resemblance.

Long, petit, short, chubby, plump; labels are added.

Pleasant, alert, sleepy, bright eyed, restless and tireless;

All attributes of a young or old child.


Nurture is the most important.

Feeding takes precedence with regularity.

Every four hours comes often, especially at night.

The mother who feeds naturally changes routines.

Daily life undertakes a new set of priorities.


Pride is shown easily at the outset.

Maturity and growth dampen this positive energy.

The body does not remain a babe.

Parenting pressures change as life evolves.

The cycle continues for every generation.


Grandchildren are special in the eyes of grandparents.

The new-born represents the hopes of yesterday;

The promise of a new tomorrow;

Where faults and imperfections mat be averted.

Parental imprints are strong and difficult to avoid.


Every baby is beautiful and we are who we are!

Growth in a safe and nurturing environment is a blessing.

Those who are fortunate may have a chance

To grow and be a positive influence on their grandchildren.

Let us hope it is an improvement.


Will George © Sept. 28, 2004


Will George Poet