The Loss of a Friend


Friendship is a thing to be nurtured,

A relationship prized above all.

It starts with  a seed so small,

A bond where a future offers promise.


When the planting is done in the garden,

Then the challenge has really begun;

How to balance the rain and the sun?

That the seed may develop as planned.


Each day provides opportunity and variety,

There will be much joy and such fun.

But at times there will be sorrow for some,

When wind blows and storms without charity.


Unlike the plant that is tended

By Nature's encompassing hand;

He who seeks friendship must understand,

The friend who has been befriended.


This human need is so basic and simple,

For the growth of the spirit within.

To reach out a chance must be given,

To bring to fruition this thing.


A friend is a gift, a treasure,

To be guarded and cherished eternal.

The role of one to another, supernal,

Where experience is shared in full measure.


The contact established must nourish,

With a goal that maintains care.

For strength and weakness to bear

All things in progress to flourish.


June 8/94 ©  Will George.

Will George Poet