My father has died!

A struggle comes to a close;

A journey of his own experience.

There is relief of pain,

Physical! Spiritual!

We cannot tell how much!


There is a new pain!

That left to those who remain.

Many questions are asked,

They are personal; Individual!

To some it is sadness;

To others guilt or indifference.


Should there be joy?

There is relief of pain!

Personal feelings reviewed;

Self assessed, circumspect;

It is difficult to look back;

To look forward unchanged!


We share our loss!

Love is expressed; Consolation!

Friends are sensitive, concerned;

We struggle with our feelings.

We are faced with reconciliation;

Who suffers the greater pain?


We are responsible to others!

Relationships require nurture!

Pain is always present!

We grow, sometimes suffering.

We are robbed of strength;

Well-being can be lost.


My father has died!

Many years have passed;

Many experiences gone unshared.

There is loss!

Distance can exist, command

Time, friendship and understanding!


Dec. 19th. 1993 © Will George.

Will George Poet