My words are not enough

to capture the picture

of a Mother, stalwart and loving.

Life seems to be too short

Even after ninety six years.


My Mother, was a Mam, a Nan

to more than her eleven children

and her many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Each one was given love

and received with the discernment

that could be expected.


A full life, hardships faced and overcome.

My Mam had no fear of authority;

She tackled many obstacles

to give her children

a good place in the world.


Keen senses, and strong mind and body,

carried her to the end.

Simple pleasures filled her time.

In the later years,

Bingo twice a week,

crosswords every day,

and knitting of eight inch squares

for charity, in the hundreds.


Stamps on letters received,

and collected by others,

trimmed and mailed to many different charities.

A generosity was extended to all, family and friends.


My Mam travelled, more than many.

Africa, America and Canada,

to visit her offspring, and theirs.


My Mam, Our Mam,

to the many siblings,

of a clan who contributed much to many,

gave as much as she could, and more.

Her life was rich beyond measure.


In her passing,

a legacy of what is right,

of kindness and fairness endures.

Her presence in the memory

of those left behind will continue,

in the hope,

Heaven will provide a simple, yet fitting reward.


Will George © April  2016

Will George Poet