Immortal Beloved!


Immortal Beloved!

Immortal Beloved!

You were my love, the one I found,

sadly you are the one I lost.

You have gone, and for me it is death.

My life is mere existence,

merely empty substance.

My loss must be some other’s gain.

I cannot rejoice, I cannot mourn.

The physical presence no longer exists

to touch upon my conscience.

The spiritual link that I once thought existed, longer!

Immortal Beloved!

Ah! Aah! How difficult for the words to come.

I hear, but I do not!

I feel pain but I cannot react.

There is a pounding in my head,

it is the echo of my heart.

There is a rhythm that beats

even to the root of my will.

Music was once a passion

but even that is gone.

Notes are constant reminders

of the music that was your light.

I listen for violins in pianissimo

swelling to a great engulfing crescendo.

Clarinets and trumpets blend

to make their voices heard.

Oboes and flutes reply continuing the search.

Bassoon and Bass, they cry,

words no longer a part in their place.


Immortal Beloved!

Immortal Beloved!

My future is no longer valid.

I cannot tell this story

by the words I no longer hear.

My love is no longer my music.

My soul cries silent and alone!


April 19th. 1997 © Will George


Will George Poet