I am betrayed!

The breast once warm now cold,

Bleeds! With what? Blood!

The life blood of the fool.

The depths are dark pools;

Pools stirred in agony,

To race forward and to reach such thoughts,

And be a frame of mind, now taut

With tensions that are no sorry thing!


I am betrayed!

My youth offered many promises;

Dreams of new horizons; now left wanting;

Dreams of whose making?

There is no reality in a dream!

My nights, sleepless pass, wasting,

Wasting by! The darkness claims a hold,

On the pathways to the centre of my being.

I am betrayed!


Hell has its fury!

And there is scorn!

Life carries a tedious load;

The body carries little,

No matter if the shoulders are broad.

There is no place protected,

There is no haven from fear, or disappointment,

From which growth will develop.

I am betrayed!


If I plead my case,

Who will listen?

If I cry aloud,

Who will care?

My nightmare my own remains,

Unheard by those who will pass,

From shadow into shadow,

From dusk to dawn, and dawn to dusk.

I am alone!


I am betrayed!

I gave my self, my youth, my promise;

Away; for what purpose?

Reckless thoughts took form and shape,

Reality evaded the dream!

Gifts squandered and wasted,

Poured out, poured down on fallow soil,

Withered grass and coarse ground!

I am betrayed!



My betrayal, like many more,

The result of foolish pride;

Shortsightedness and blindness

To intent and purpose.

The thief comes from the darkness,

Clouding the horizons, shading the light.

The guise masterful, the cloak devised

To mislead and to chastise!

I am betrayed! Condemned to die!


Apr. 20th 1995 © Will George

Will George Poet