I, Your Love.


I would that I were your Love,

Pledge my soul to God above,

To spend those few hours with you,

To bring rebirth to my spirit anew.


I would that you were my Love,

Share my passion and your touch.

To merge body and mind as one,

To hold within you depth's freedom.


I, your Love, would pledge my love,

Pray silently to be with you.

To nurture life's joy freely,

To achieve understanding and fulfilment.


My resolve is lost in love!

Love has passed by untouched;

Life will continue unhindered,

The heart and mind wholly remain, independent!


Where is beauty? Where is joy?

To what ceiling shall I fly?

Where clouds in darkness brood,

Sombre the spirit, sombre the mood!


I would that you were my love,

Look into my soul and see,

The emptiness deep within;

Silence alone self standing!


July 23rd. 1995 © Will George

Will George Poet