God’s Gift


My Father has sent me,

a witness to His love to be!

He called to simple men at my birth

and gave them the news first.

The priests of earlier times were told

by scriptural verse, by psalm and prophecy.

In the East, Magii who watched and waited

were vigilant and by faith journeyed;

To be witness and to pay tribute to this king

born in a simple place with lowly creatures therein.


Shepherds who spent long days in constant care

of flocks who needed tendering were called to hear.

The Angelic Host adorned the evening sky,

their radiance the light of many fires.

The echoes that filled the valleys and the hills

were the sweetest music to awaken those who listened.

Insects chirped, birds whistled, frogs croaked,

cattle lowed, horses neighed and the night awoke.

Those who came to this special birth

were the few of the many to whom Christ brought God’s word.


Kings in many kingdoms arose

unsure of the timbre in their words.

The world shifted from its darkest self

to move forward for its good health.

A great tremor rippled through all,

a quivering that reached the deepest soul.

Those who felt the special touch

rejoiced and thanked God for so much.

There were those who choose to ignore,

to reject re-birth or the chance to be renewed.


Herod was directed by his many sins

to covet his wealth and all that he had been given.

He told the pilgrims to call upon him

to share their success when they found the royal kin.

Greed was his conscience and his guide;

the result of which was how he lied.

God gave the Magi the guiding light

to lead them to Jesus on that wintry night.

The boy child was safeguarded by Angels’ wings

and the love of his parents who stayed with Him.


Christ is come!


To fulfil the law;

To redeem Man from this earth

to everlasting life through spiritual rebirth.

Baptism by Water!

Baptism by Spirit!

Renewal, consecrated to eternity.

Life beyond death, both a certainty;

Available to all who would receive their apostasy.


Will George  © 1996



Will George Poet