God is Good!


There is one truth;

God is Good!

He is alone;

He alone is,


Not unchanging;

But everlasting.


God is God!

Beyond the concept of man.

Beyond the boundaries of the universe.

Unlimited, without restriction.

How great art Thou!

That You encompass us!


My day and night is a part

Of a long and short existence.

The completeness of each event,

A reality that continues.

How will we find God,

When we cannot find ourselves?


Morality is a challenging concept.

Equality is a balanced precept.

Spirituality an inner tenet.


The foundation of humanity is the awe of greater god.

The greatest accomplishment pales beside the simplest.

We boast of our own narcissistic deeds,

Yet, we are loathe to pick up those in need.

The world falls by its own action,

Led by the few who accept no responsibility.


Will George  © 1996



Will George Poet