God is Alive!


God is alive!

But We, we die!

Slowly away we fade,

Our persona erased

In selfish pursuit

Lost in idleness aloof.

We indulge in things trivial,

Commit acts criminal;

Self destructive in habitat,

Bear false witness

Against a supportive environment.

How long before we realize?

Where time passes by,

This is an end of paradise.

We do all to die!


God is alive!

He reminds us daily

Of our obligation to nurture,

To care for that which gives us

Strength and sustenance.

If we cannot breathe, we die;

Our air polluted carries disease,

To ourselves, our plants, our trees, our seas.

Our bodies are weak, susceptible to all;

It takes very little to abuse our shell,

Our shield which harbours our deepest self.

Why do we destroy ourselves?

Is there within us a seed

Of destruction that knows no other path?


What is our greatness?

What of the whale?

The Great Whale!

And the not so great!

Greater than any man.

Who can face the rigors of the sea?

Playfully frisk amongst its awe,

And depth of power overwhelming.

We are crushed, tossed

And bruised as a leaf in a stream.

Which environment do we control?

God is alive!


Stewardship is a call to care,

To pay attention to that which we claim

As our own for a brief span of life.

It is the building up, the growth

Beyond that which falls outside

Of our limited vision.

Why spite ourselves and our heirs.

Are we that greedy

That we grasp all we can?

The selfishness that says...

"This is mine!"

How soon will you be parted

From that to which you

Do not belong?


God is alive!

We should be wary of our needs!

Responsive to our paradise.

Creative in non-harmful ways.

We share a world briefly;

Will it provide our food?

What of growth of mind?

Of Body? Of Spirit?

Is it darkness in which we dwell?

How shall we provide

For those who depend on us?

Do we choose to share death?

Or shall we want to live?

Will Man be alive?


Will George © 1994


Will George Poet