Easter Lord


The children sing Alleluia!

The voices proclaim the Risen Lord.

In their innocence they speak;

They reaffirm God's love.


The Easter morn brings awakening.

The presence of the Christ its celebration.

The brightness emanates from the dawning;

The newness of life emerging within.


Who speaks to your mind and heart?

What will remind you of the deepest thought?

Forgiveness is a simple forming;

Of the willingness to be devote.


The message given is very simple.

Give praise to God for all you ought.

Listen intently and do the same;

Live and proclaim faith in Jesus' name.


There is only one;

The eternal sacrifice already given;

Selfish less and full of pity;

The gift passed from one to all.


One Prophet; One Word; One Life;

The crystallization of Time and Space.;

All that God is, distilled in one place;

Forever a beacon for those in strife.


Is there more?

How can there be?

The answer is eternal!

The outcome is ... for your belief!


Will George © 2004


Will George Poet