‘Nice looking girl!’

Believe it or not Ripley!

Or as Luciano would say,

‘Donna non vidi mai.’

‘I’ve never seen a woman like that!’

How often may we comment

on beauty without reprise or reprimand?


We talk of love in song and give measure

of those affectionate words

that will beat upon the strongest walls,

upon the highest towers, bastions of sanity.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Love may be the companion sought after,

each having a special relationship and interpretation.


Song is used expressively and passionately

to deliver those expressions consistently.

Words vary in their descriptiveness

of all manner of actions,

whether romantic or otherwise.

Ballads by the many recite the ideal

recorded throughout time in every musical medium.


Portraits have captured the face of love,

the beauty of the passion and the pain.

The camera has replaced the paintbrush.

The negative of poignant still

or the action captured on movie or video.

Action! The expression of voice, the twinkle of smile,

the glint of the eye, the swing of the hip, only on film.


Personality is seldom appraised in passing!

One may be Julie or Mary or Victor - Victoria.

Depth of the soul mirrored upon the face,

a sheet sometimes clear but often rippled.

We can only catch a fleeting glimpse

of the goddess who will touch our mind

who leaves the passion to smoulder into fire.


Who will be my burning desire?

The hair may be golden or auburn.

The fragrance may be that of roses

or new mown hay.

The silhouette, the bristling pine,

conifer or broad leaf maple or oak,

enhanced by the tinkle of crystal chandelier.


Each time I can appreciate beauty,

it may frequently pass,

I can admire God’s creation.

Smile and enjoy the best of the feast

yet seldom pause to partake of its delight.

I am speechless left to verbalize,

only to say...

‘Donna non vidi mai!’


July 29th. 1996 © Will George


Will George Poet