It is not possible to be all things to all people!

There is only one omnipotent; God!

Was Jack, the one of all trades,

The One, who wished to climb to the sky?

He found trinkets and novelty,

At a price, the ogre choose to apply.

How was his future to be made?

By pursuing actions multiple, without thought

Of position, of merit or of skill, good or feeble!


Actions are prompted by inter-relationships.

Footpaths followed or highways traipsed

By other peoples' expectation;

Views of opportunity and accomplishment.

Alone we stand, our vision waiting freedom.

Being oneself is the most difficult;

There are many who will not allow your destination.

They hinder your journey, your route they break,

To comply with their perception of the horizon's limit!


Journeys are a customary experience,

Of any who seek to develop and grow.

Baggage may not be mandatory; for some

It is all of that which is known!

They place their loads upon your shoulders;

The contents of misaligned deeds unsown;

It is not sufficient to control what has been done;

Power decreed is to stop and restrict your vow

For achieving the goal for which they hold a grievance.


A prophet is not recognized within his own community!

Knowledge and expertise are to no avail;

The wise retain their wisdom for fruitful ground,

The barren soil has no root to nurture or to reject;

Seeds are planted where the yield is fullest.

Myriad are the excuses throughout biblical text.

Abraham's offspring choose to follow lives unsound,

Rejected the teachings given, choose to fail,

And followed instructions refusing opportunity.


Heathen peoples were granted immunity,

From persecution, within God's grace.

Granted tolerance, until their sin was too great a blemish.

A chosen people were led to take advantage,

Conquer fears and overcome diversity.

Death of bodies empty of living spirit raged;

Covenants made bound each to a given promise.

Reconciled each test of trust and faith,

By efforts presented the outcome of mutiny!

Moses formed a link, a visible mediator.

To confirm earlier experience and direction,

His body strengthened by God's presence,

As a companion who advised and consoled;

Each step, each action to obtain result.

The body dead until fulfilment of his role;

He crossed not over Jordan's effervescence.

His privilege a noble rest; His Lord's affection

For service extended, renewal given an arbitrator.


Daniel was granted a gift of interpretation,

Of dreams, of kings, for Nebuchadnezzar.

He to Arioch gave instruction to redeem,

The Wise men of Babylon, while in wisdom and power,

By God's gift revealed a message of things to come!

He foretold of a vision, of a new kingdom's hour;

A statue awesome, head of gold; Babylon's prominence and esteem.

Chest and arms of silver, Medo-Persian empire;

A belly and thighs of bronze; Alexander the Great, Greek and Macedonian.


Legs of iron; tyranny beneath the manacles of Rome;

And feet of iron and clay, divided and broken nations;

Smashed by a rock cut out, the seed of a mountain.

The first element confronted by Belshazzar, the impious, of the Chaldeans;

Who abused the treasures of Jerusalem's Holy temple;

To him the writing on the wall, "MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN!"

The reign ends, found wanting; the kingdom divided between Mede and Persian.

Darius the Mede took his place, misled by satraps,

Persecuted Daniel, witnessed God's wonder and dominion.


To the seer of God, a dream given, a vision;

Four winds unchained the power of the sea;

Four beasts; one as a lion, with wings of an eagle:

Another a bear, three ribs clenched in its jaw;

Followed by a leopard, four winged with four heads;

The last, teeth of iron and ten horns proceeded to crush and devour.

Three horns; each a Caesar , from Julius, Augustus, Tiberius;

Followed by Caligula, who would claim himself divinity,

Corrupted and persecuted Apostles and Saints.

Christ's birth given upon forewarning,

To prophets, shepherds and wise men;

At a place destined to fulfil a promise.

A conqueror born, not of human frailty;

But of the greatest of spiritual mystery!

No armies or legions were called or rallied,

Just simple fisherfolk and those who wished

To be a part of a new kingdom brought by revolution,

Of a gentle kindness and loving dawning.


How bright that first day's morning?

When He who faced the greatest test,

Put His substance before the foe,

To whom command was given, at an earlier passing,

By a resolute and just parent who loved!

Duty and responsibility, the challenges presented,

To the wayward son. Perhaps a prodigal,

Once the son who was the youngest;

Whose choice of position a failed warning!


A rock! Petros! Peter! To smash a structure formed!

This a part of that holy mount;

Incarnate in person and body so pure!

By the Word the power brought to free mankind

Of oppressive and smothering bands of human toil,

A release from death within the body and mind.

An individual seed to be watered, fed and to be sure

Of presence and purpose of life, to count

As a contributor to the intended path now borne!


Shall battle be waged only by the sword?

Would Israel's release be earned

Only by the spilling of more blood?

The new world was born at that earlier date,

Where idols and ritual were replaced!

Fables and mystical answers now are innate,

Sorcerers and magicians were declared invalid.

The role of the intercessor earth bound,

Now assumed by the spirit of the Word!


Freedom! A well of life giving water!

To sustain the growth of inward childhood;

Maturity is not that reflected in the body's aging,

But in the understanding and employ of reality,

Established when a death given resulted in new life.

We need not tear down the fortress of our enmity;

Take up arms to stop the impure flood enraging;

Where adults who have not matured stood,

In temper tantrum lost, unable to grow and be secure.


The Earth, a place of beauty stands, perpetual;

Within its realms all things are good!

It is the purpose to which a gift is given

That determines the outcome of its use.

Eden as a garden grows, in harmony!

To humankind there is a role profuse;

To go forth and multiply in simple being.

A directive without restraint with just reward,

Earned by giving response to God's love and in growth spiritual!


Did the trumpets sound when Christ died?

Was the resurrection a new dawning?

Those souls of earlier ages past now called

To an awakening; to judgement seat,

Before the King appointed in that hour!

Tidal flows their ebb now within the sweep

Of restless beings brought to hallowed halls;

For good and evil weighed according to its warning!

The balance set to give the just merit where they bide.


Prophecy has spoken in simple tongue!

A change of role and progress of the morning!

No more the dead shall lie entombed;

Release is given at the threshold of transition.

The call of the shepherd leads the sheep;

Slow is the journey, rugged the footpath and commission,

Of faith pledged to meet the challenge of gloom!

Dark the valley; the hail and sleet of tempestuous storm;

The welcome voice a harbour of secure tenure!


There is no sleep that is permanent!

The window is opened with an invitation to fly free;

Time no longer waits for the passing of night.

Darkness is no longer an expected destiny;

Rebirth is present in alpha and omega!

The spirit is drawn at the epiphany,

Towards the everlasting, immortalising light;

The soul continues from death toward the treasury;

Established reward amongst the firmament.


O chorus of angelic song ring out!

Acclaim the victory of those devout!

Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?

Of servant, of mentor or of pilgrim!

Whose ticket will bear the entrance mark?

The path is open for those who win,

By accomplishment of heavenly vows,

The knowledge and the will to stand stout;

Be resolved, borne of love, accepted with no doubt!


In the valley of the bones Ezekiel stood!

His conversation attentive to the word of God!

The challenge presented to bring breath;

Brought together bones covered by sinew and flesh!

Prophesy unto the four winds over those slain.

A great army lived and stood, raised from rest;

Graves opened and nations called to be blest.

A promise given for the Son of Man, saith Lord God;

"You shall know Me and My spirit shall come from the word!"


"You shall live!" One nation shall have one king!

David shall be king and there shall be one shepherd!

A servant shall be a prince forever;

A sanctuary will be set amidst the people evermore!

God's tabernacle to be maintained within the midst of them!

The captivity shall be ended and the people gathered;

The Lord will be sanctified in Israel.

His spirit will be poured out and they will be drunk;

Drunk of the sacrifice which is sacrificed for all.


My Lord said to My lord, the quotation given,

"Who shall sit at my right hand?" I cannot promise!

The outcome of prophecy foretold confirmed;

Christ came! A shepherd, a servant, the Word!

His presence, His gift, God's Spirit.

The redemption of dried bones to the presence risen!

At death of the son of man, rebirth, the given wish;

The soul redeemed, renewed, uplifted and affirmed!

Death of body replaced by life; received in Christ's abode!


In simplicity the story told, the vision revealed!

God gave humanity early life, of and ten.

The body frail, when lost, an empty shell.

Christ came to bring breath, renewal upon death!

The soul, a precious gift, now freed, to be redeemed.

Life anew begins afresh when ends the final rest!

Man's spirit brought forward to the judgement call;

Time no longer the chain that binds the living essence.

Love is transformed, evidenced by release and God''s seal!


Will George © 1995


Will George Poet