Coldstreamers at the Changing of the Guard


Come all ye valiant men,

In your fine array, present your Arms,

Celebrate your Monarch’s birthday.


Troop the Colours and with gusto

Let the wind unfurl and flurry

Reminders of great events.


Bright beneath the sunlight shine

Tunics of red, black, blue and yellow

Impress upon the landscape wide.


Ye Men, of Counties, called

Take your place of pride

Stand with your military bearing keen.


Grenadiers, Dragoons, Hussars,

Guardsmen, in fine step forward march

Precise and timely in routine.


Bands mark each movement well

Set the tempo and boost the spirit

Let fervour rise and quicken pace.


Onward! The call resounds

Drums a sturdy rhythm beat

Trumpets call forth inner strength.


Noble deeds are daily done

Noted acts of bravery recalled

Valiant effort in victory recorded.


Coldstream, Grenadier, Scots, Irish, and Welsh Guards

Long is your history

Colourful your achievements.


Nulli Secundus, Second to none.

Coldstreamers, First Guard, since 1650,

Soldiers of loyalty who fought well.


Yours is the honour on this Royal day

Those who watch will be awakened

Remind them of your prowess.


Across the world in times of adversity,

Your ranks formed have stood the siege.

Battlefields have been bloodied by your brotherhood.


Dunbar, New Amsterdam, Tangier, Cadiz.

The New World and the Old have felt your presence.

The cause has been met by your daily duty.


Tyrants have been challenged and have heard your battle cry.

Vigo, Namur, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Flanders

Oudenarde, Malplaquet, Dettingen, Lincelles.


Europe was awakened when Napoleon’s cry was stilled.

Talavera, Barrosa, Fuentes Donor, Salamanca, Nive,

Peninsula, Waterloo, Alma, Inkerman, Sevastopol.


Time is marked and Arabi Pasha’s threat was met.

Tel-El-Kebir, Egypt, Suakin.

Here extreme conditions were embraced.


Modder River, South Africa.

Diplomatic squabbles brought an advancement.

The soldier’s lot improved to meet modernity.


The Great conflict upon all men inflicted!

Mons, Marne, Aisne, Ypres,

Loos, Somme, Cambrai, Arras, Hazebrouck.


Europe engulfed in fire and flame. WWII.

Hindenburg Line, Dunkirk, Mont Pincon,

Rhineland, NW Europe.


Extremes of climate and the most hostile of challengers.

Sidi Barrani, Tobruk,

Tunis, Salerno, Monte Ornito, Italy.


The Gulf. An unexpected engagement.

A world divided, but the call always the same.

Brave men to meet and overcome adversity.


History has been bloody!

Those of this Brotherhood of Guards,

Have met and shared their blood.




Remember those who watch and cheer.

Colour, pomp and flourish are a fine tradition,

It merely gives a moment of sanity where oft there is none.


Guardsmen stand to attention.

Yours is an honour hard fought and well earned.

Be proud to carry your Colours, and let those who see them share in pride.


Will George ©

Jun 2007



Will George Poet