Will George Poet



Bron, I cherish the memory of you!

You were sweet, you were kind,

you were considerate of others.

A warm welcome was always given,

to those who visited.

Your soft voice, and twinkle in your eye,

 encouraged, questioned without challenge.


The kettle was often set to boil,

tea offered and served quietly.

The conversation was polite,

non intrusive, but caring.

You showed an interest in others.

It was a part of your nurturing spirit.

Kind words always provided succour.


Nursing was a suitable career;

You brought your best to your job.

Your life carried responsibility and commitment.

Those who knew you were glad to be an acquaintance.

You were sociable, outgoing, a dancer.

Simple pleasures were a satisfaction.

Life was tackled and enjoyed.


The role of Nurse, Mother, Auntie,

Sister, Daughter, and Wife, touched many.

You nurtured and loved your Grandchildren, a kindly Grandmother.

In time, you have given much of yourself,

to keep those close to you strong.

Your children have matured well, because of you.

There is a pride to be felt in knowing you.


Baking was a pleasure.

Cakes and pies were cooked with love.

Each piece of cake brought memories.

Good times are soon remembered for the right reasons.

Rhymney was a home, a place of friends.

You enjoyed being in your community.

Redwood Hospital had a special place in your heart,

and likewise, there you were also special.


Time moves on, our bodies fail to keep ahead.

Illness, catches us, brings us trial, presents adversity.

Throughout this ordeal, you shone through the darkness.

Your love for others was undiminished.

There will be smiles and laughter,

when we think and talk, of you, with you.

Your life has been rewarding in the enrichment of others.

Love remains to envelop those for whom you cared.


Will George © Apr 2009