We are told to celebrate those anniversaries of the day of our birth.

For many, the memories of past celebrations bring tearful reminders.

We ask ourselves, if we can, or if we should celebrate?

The event of such an anniversary may bring our thoughts to mourn;

The passing of time, of friends, and of those who have always remained closest to us.


Those in the public eye face the greatest challenge.

Intrusion removes the privacy of one’s own lament.

What face must be presented to be acceptable to imprudent commentary?

Age is relentless in the pursuit of the desolation of the body;

Equally the mind is subject to grave attention.


Cheers! For the Royal personage whose day is heralded in many media.

The portrait, sketched or painted, captures the truth of the artist’s perception.

Imperfection may be masked or displayed subject to whim.

Who will veto the impression of the impressionist?

How often must the reminder be given of life’s perfection?


and ten years may be the expected reward,

To allow an understanding and maturity to be established.

Graceful is the carriage of the not-so-ancient monarch;

Eighty years fulfilled with focus and familiarization with her peoples;

Revered by the many for her humanity.


A commonwealth has been receptive to your presence.

Change has offered and delivered significant revaluation,

Of the role and responsibilities entrusted to a figurehead.

Your personality has bridged the social impasse of position.

You have carried regality with an open expression.


Those who have been touched by you carry fond thoughts.

Your nobleness is a reflection of personality and character.

Inspection of manner and carriage offer positive observation.

There is a role model, within a role, always present.

Gracefulness is a natural, non mechanical, response.


April 2007 © Will George

Will George Poet