If I could walk these mountains once again;

     I would tarry there awhile with my beloved;

     I would listen for that gentle voice acalling;

     I would reach for that tender touch caressing.


If I could feel the wistful breeze lightly;

     I would reach out and pull her closer;

     I would slip my arm around her gently;

     I would hold her to my heart warmly.


If I could smell the fern and sweetened heather;

     I would kiss her scented curls quickly;

     I would press my lips to hers snugly;

     I would taste her fruitful fullness longingly.


If I could touch the road far behind me;

     I would take her ripeness lovingly;

     I would tell her of my feelings truly;

     I would carry her forward swiftly.


If I could walk these mountains,

     Once again;

     I would remember love already gone;

     I would wander the avenues of fulfilment;

     I would hope to remember,



Dec 4th. 1989. © Will George.


Will George Poet