Angelus! Emmanuelle!


Emmanuelle! Emmanuelle! Angelus!

O Come! O Come! Angel!

Your beauty is beyond compare,

words are inadequate to describe you.

What form can we hope to embrace

to see your visage with all its radiance?


The Sun and the Moon cannot outshine your nobility!

Sun flares and luminescence pale beside you.

Super nova are a distant cousin,

easily mistaken for your journeying soul.

We can only stand and capture those moments

wishing on the fall of that ‘wishing star!’


Doves are soft and gentle in spirit;

their wings span to cover the rising morn

beating in rhythm to their cooing song.

The purity of their breasts the simplicity of being.

Warm hearts hold that inner radiance

to be released within a celestial fire.


Birds are the host of the skies;

Angels are the host and hostesses of the heavens.

Sunrises are adorned by their presence.

Rainbows ripple with waves of joy,

colour is embellished with fiery halos,

brightness is accented and pronounced.


Golden are your flowing locks!

Angel of my deepest dream

your eyes glitter in unison

with the glimmer of your smile.

Your skin is velvety soft

and complements your celebrated form.


Your voice is sweet and inspiring,

the chords strike the fire of my being:

Your praises resound from earth to heaven.

Music is the harmony and song of the soul,

your words tell of your love for God...

“Gloria in Excelsis, Gloria!’


God has made you to perfection.

My mind’s eye stretches to encompass you.

Cerebral and ethereal you impress upon me,

the delicate touch, a dimpled impression.

Warmth and security are the blankets

extended purely by your presence.


Love knows no words and cannot speak

sufficiently to build the heavenly bridge.

You are all that God has deigned you to be.

We here are cast in mortal form

with a chance to be transformed

and by simple act and special grace to be given divinity.


Dec. 31st. 1996 © Will George




Will George Poet